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Services We Provide

Drones for Every Purpose

- Aerial Photography Drones
- Videography Drones
- Racing and FPV Drones
- Professional SurveyingDrones
- Mapping Drones
- Agricultural CropMonitoring Drones
- Recreational and Hobbyist Drones

Robots for Efficiency and Innovation

- Industrial Automation Robots
- Educational and STEM Robotics
- Service and Healthcare Robots
- Custom Robotic Solutions
- Research and Development Robotics

Comprehensive Parts and Components

- Motors, Propellers, and Batteries
- Sensors and Controllers
- Chassis and Frames
- Cameras and Gimbals
- Software and Programming Tools

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Some of Our Products

Surveillance drone


Mini Drones

Agriculture and mapping drones

F.P.V drones

Videography drone


Drone Gimbal

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    At RagesTech, we believe in the power of collaboration and strategic partnerships to drive innovation and deliver exceptional value to our customers. Our network of trusted partners includes industry leaders, technology innovators, and organizations that share our commitment to pushing the boundaries of what technology can achieve.


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